ETPPA has been incorporated to formalise the former Future of European Fintech (FoEF) coalition, which was created ad-hoc at the beginning of 2017 to represent the interests of TPPs in the negotiations around the PSD2 RTS on SCA & CSC, which was proposed at that time. Due to the alignment of the 75 members of that coalition, representing a large share of existing TPPs, FoEF was able to counter the banking lobby activities and achieve a "relatively" leveled playing field.

In October 2018, FoEF was invited as a guest member to the ECB's Euro Retail Payments Board (ERPB) to take the vacant PISP seat in anticipation of becoming the official trade representation of PISP TPPs in Europe.

The history, activities and achievements of FoEF, can be found on the Future of European Fintech web site.