ETPPA is the European trade association of bank-independent PSD2 TPPs. ETPPA is an international not-for-profit association (IVZW/AISBL) organised under Belgian law (organisation number 0697.807.211). The Association will not undertake commercial or competitive activities, or collect data on commercially sensitive matters. The Association will comply with all applicable laws and regulations that apply to its activities and also ensure compliance with competition, anti-trust and similar laws and regulations.

ETPPA formalises the former Future of European Fintech (FoEF) coalition, which was created ad-hoc at the beginning of 2017 to represent the interests of TPPs in the negotiations around the PSD2 RTS on SCA & CSC, which was proposed at that time. Due to the alignment of the 75 members of that coalition, representing a large share of existing TPPs, FoEF was able to counter the banking lobby activities and achieve a "relatively" leveled playing field.

Despite level-1 (PSD2) and level-2 (RTS) legislation being in place now, a significant number of open questions and issues remain, and have to be resolved via level-3 guidance and working groups, which have been established to that extent. ETPPA represents the bank-independent TPP interests in such discussions. It is therefore important that the members of ETPPA share a common vision and a commitment to supporting the adoption of open banking and TPP services based on the following principles:

    • Operate as a pro-active pan-European interest representation body on behalf of its members;
    • Define and communicate common positions in the cooperative space of TPPs and relevant related services based on active debate and member participation;
    • Providing easy to use, convenient and value for money services offered and delivered in a competitive market-place;
    • Serving the interests of customers of all sizes and varieties including large, small and medium-sized enterprises, public bodies and consumers;
    • Working to support the vision and implementation of public policy towards TPP services;
    • Developing and implementing such jointly agreed policies and capabilities that are appropriate and contribute towards creating a well-performing and integrated landscape for TPPs across Europe;
    • The role and purpose of the Association is strictly non-profit making and is devoted to pursue the above-mentioned principles in the promotion and development of TPP services. This may in particular include the following activities:
        • Seek to be represented in all relevant forums and initiatives at European level and to contribute to their deliberations as appropriate;
        • Engage with appropriate European public authorities to contribute to the evolving legal and regulatory framework;
        • Provide guidance to appropriate standards bodies and initiatives and where and when appropriate to promote the use of specific standards;
        • Develop best practices, quality standards, policies, rules, capabilities, interoperability arrangements, codes of conduct, and other cooperative activities appropriate to a trade association and to provide such services to its members as are determined to be useful;
        • Communicate on behalf of its members to all other stakeholders such as users, public policy-makers and legislators and other organizations, so at to advance its members’ and their customers’ interests;
        • Cooperate with other organizations and initiatives with an interest in supporting the development of TPP and other related e-business areas;
        • Provide its members, as they determine, with appropriate services such as industry promotion of TPP and related e-business activities, communication, education and research;
        • Support and monitor the implementation of decisions taken.